Building and Pest Inspections in Kiama

Before you make one of the biggest financial commitments of your life in Kiama, it’s widely recommended that you get a thorough building and pest inspection by a fully qualified and insured building inspector who will prepare a pre-purchase inspection report.

This report is important because it will include details about potential problems that may cost money to resolve.

Protecting your Investment

In our corner of the world in Kiama, property inspections are an important part of the process of buying a home.

This is because the coastal location poses special problems for all structures. Additionally, all buildings are subject to standard wear and tear whether they are occupied or unoccupied.

The format and details included in a standard property report will depend on factors such as age of the structure, type, size and condition of the property.

We Help You Make an Informed Purchasing Decision

The purpose of the report is to make sure that the prospective homebuyers have the information they need to make an informed decision and to prepare for any problems.

Typically, the inspection will cover interior and exterior areas with special attention to all aspects of the roof and the underfloor area.

Inspection of the site includes provisions for storm water runoff and surface drainage. The building inspection report will make note of pest damage if visually evident. In these cases, we recommend an additional pest inspection report for termites and other vermin.

The Building Inspection Process

During the building inspection, make sure that the seller provides access to key areas such as the ceiling, utility areas and the basement if the property has one.

The building inspection report is not a comprehensive report that will cover all the details such as concealed moisture barriers, gas fittings or appliances.

We prepare these reports to give prospective buyers a realistic idea of the property’s condition and to become aware of major problems prior to signing the contract.

Problems that are evident during this inspection will be noted on the report. You can then use this information to negotiate with the seller for a price reduction or repairs prior to completing the sale.

When you contract with our building consultant for an inspection, we will tell you what the report will include. Should you require more information and services than is normally included in our building inspection reports, please let us know so that we can prepare a special purpose property report that suits your needs.

Special Tools: The Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal camera imaging uses infrared technology to detect thermal patterns that may suggest conditions such as substandard insulation or an electrical circuit that is potentially overloaded.

Other applications for thermal inspections include identifying locations of radiant heating pipes or wires, detect insulation leaks and areas that may potentially harbour mould growth.

Pool Inspection and Safety Report

If there is a pool on the property that you are interested in, a pool inspection which is not usually part of the building inspection report, should be undertaken to make sure that the fencing and pool access features are compliant with regulations.

A pool inspection is a safety precaution so that any issues with non-compliant pool barriers and gates can be addressed before you move in and start enjoying your new home.