Building and Pest Inspections in Shellharbour

When buying a property in the Shellharbour area, it’s essential to have an inspection performed to assess it’s structure.

A building inspection identifies safety problems and defects. No one wants to own a home that poses health risks or structural dangers. An inspection will search for building defects, pest infestations and pool hazards as well.

Major Benefits of a Building Inspection

Although a home may appear in good shape, it may conceal a number of defects. A professional inspector will examine hard to reach spaces including the roof, the pipes and behind the walls.

When problems are uncovered, it’s possible to determine the cost of repairs and to negotiate a better price.

An inspection is vital to avoid health problems. If a building has dangerous contaminants like asbestos, lead, or mould, these items must be removed immediately and in a safe manner.

What is Done During a Building Inspection?

At BPI Wollongong, we are fully licensed and insured building inspectors who provide the most comprehensive services so that you can buy with confidence.

During an inspection, we thoroughly examine the interior and exterior of a structure.

Inside your home, special attention is paid to the space under the floor. Outside, the roof is checked to make sure it’s in accordance with the established safety and health regulations.

Landscaping is observed for problems concerning fences, steps, and retaining walls. Also, garages, sheds, and other exterior structures are studied.

Besides concentrating on structural issues, a pest inspection is critical. We understand the extensive damage that can occur when pest infestations exist. Shell Harbour is commonly plagued with termites.

When these pests strike, home joists that appear strong may be dangerously weak and require expensive repairs. Other damage is possible as well.

Advanced Technology Detection Equipment

It’s common for inspectors to use probing devices while searching for the deterioration of wood structures. Moisture metres are used to detect damp areas that attract pests. Besides this traditional equipment, our technicians use thermal camera imaging to uncover the presence of termites and wood damaging fungi.

After the images are interpreted, our experts form the most effective plans to eradicate the problems. Our thermal scans exceed Australian Standard 4349.3 and AS3660 guidelines.

Pool Inspections in Shellharbour

Pool inspections are a vital parts of a home inspection. Our skilled inspector Greg Flood understands the numerous Australian laws concerning pools. We make sure your pool fence complies with current laws so that your family remains safe.

At BPI, we specialise in combined pre-purchase and pre-sale building and timber pest inspections. For added safety, we also perform pool inspections.

Using thermal image technology, we leave no stone unturned so that you have complete peace of mind the home you are considering is safe and sturdy. To schedule an appointment, call 0452 202 742.