Wollongong: A Relocation Haven for Commercial Companies

Manufacturing and industrial business in the Illawarra is somewhat being revived and taking a new shape with Sydney businesses keen to move in. A large property at 32 – 34 Doyle Avenue in Unanderra has just been snapped up by a civil engineering firm who, like many others, decided to relocate … [Read more...]

Berkeley Benfits Finally Being Realised

A lot has changed for the humble suburb of Berkeley, south of Wollongong. What was once a working class area with a demographic of low socio-economic households, the area has quickly become an Illawarra suburb hot on the minds of buyers. People have begun to realise the hidden beauty of the … [Read more...]

Wollongong: One of the Most Expensive Cities in Australia

The third most expensive city in Australia after Sydney and Melbourne isn’t where you might expect – it’s Wollongong, population 200,000. House prices in the Gong jumped by $100,000 in the year to December 2016, with a median house price of $700,000, Domain Group’s Regional House Price Report … [Read more...]

Wollongong : Now Ready For New Opportunities

First-home buyers may be declining but Wollongong still has plenty to offer, according to the experts. NSW Minister for Planning Rob Stokes and Domain Group chief economist Dr Andrew Wilson were both in the region on Tuesday at different events to discuss how the region’s boom showed no signs of … [Read more...]

Wollongong’s Top 10 Selling Suburbs

Wollongong has been a sellers market for five years now with property prices increasing between 37 and 67 per cent, according to analysis by the Domain Group. Even though the market is starting to “settle down”, some suburbs have still seen substantial increases in a report released by … [Read more...]

Should NSW Abolish Stamp Duty?

Stamp duty is by far one of the most reviled taxes in the entire country. Many people have been locked in heated discussions about the idea of replacing the stamp duty with a land tax and to settle the specifics of the idea, there have been extensive calculations done to get a grasp on the most … [Read more...]

Common Defects Found During a Wollongong Building Inspection

A building inspection examines all elements of a building to ensure that the structure is without defects. An inspection also examines exterior elements including drainage, slope, outbuildings and potentially hazardous vegetation. Building inspections are undertaken by certified inspectors … [Read more...]